Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Blog post #8

  1. Narrator/ Point of View- At this point in your novel, you should be aware of who is narrating, or telling, the story.  After you determine the narrator, identify the point of view. 
  2. 1.Lily is the one who is narrating the story she tells us how things happen why it happens she gives a good description on what's happening it's in first person.
  1. Mood- Mood is a feeling the author wants you to experience while you read their book.  What sorts of emotions does this story bring to your mind?  How does the story make you feel?
  2. 2.Sadness and happiness anger and the story makes me feel all the emotions that she tells us because we can understand what's happening and we can feel what she's feeling.

  1. Tone- Tone is how the author feels about what they are writing. What opinion does the author have about the book they wrote? 
3. I feel like she's betrayed because she doesn't really want to know that the person she hates is her enemy. I feel like she might also be trying to express how she feels when she falls in love with a guy she hates. She thinks it's a great book about falling for someone who you thought You could never fall for.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Blog post 7

Now you see the girl in my book shatter me has a lot of family problems and so do I. The main reason I connect with this is because the girl can not seem to figure out life the reason for that is because she thinks that no one understands her.because her family is not really around for her.Which is the way that I feel because usually going through such a change can make you think that no one around you understand what you are going through. Yeah it is a lot to hold on to for her but she is not alone of this, just like I know I am not alone with whatbinam going through either.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Blog post #6

Word: Carrel
Page: 226
Definition: a small cubicle 

Word: Shrubs 
Page: 227
Definition: plant 

Word: Conviction 
Page: 218
Definition: a firmly held belief 

Word: Contront 
Page: 214
Definition: Book term 

Word: Circumstances 
Page: 226
Definition: a fact or condition connected with an event 

Friday, February 24, 2017

Blog post #4

    • Choose one passage from your book that you like.  Write the page number of the passage and copy the passage. Remember to use quotations around the entire passage you chose.
    • Write a short paragraph (five sentences) about why you chose this passage.  
"He liked her,it was as simple as that.
On his way back to work,he wasn't sure why he liked her but he never once had he left work to chase after Ashley.everytime he'd seen her she managed to surprise him he liked the way  she said what was on her mind and he liked how unfazed she was by him. Ironically, he'd yet to leave a good impression. First he'd spilled soda on her, next she'd seen him almost involved in a riot, and then this morning she'd believe him to be either lazy or an idiot" 145

The reason I chose this passage was because he slowly started to know how he felt about her. Giving him a confusing feeling about who she could really be. Because she doesn't seem to open up to him and he fells that he likes to figure out how he can get to know her by figuring out who she really is. And then on the other hand because she might find something about him that she likes they might fall in love. And also because I feeel like their going to have this weird idea of running away because she is only staying for a few months. But I chose this because I just liked it. 

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Blog post #3

Write five questions about the book that popped into your head during this week's and next week's reading. They should be written as complete sentences with a capital letter to start and a question mark at the end

1. What happens if Elizabeth finds the photo and thinks that he's already married? 
2. What would Logan do if Zeus died? 
3. What if bens father gets full custody and is no longer able to see his mom? 
4.what would happen if Logan finds the girl in the photograph? Would he fall in love with her? Would he leave Elizabeth for the girl? 
5. What happens if he loses the photo? Would he have bad luck?
6. I wonder is Elizabeth is the girl in the photograph.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Hello,my name is Evalyn I'm here to talk about Me! I enjoy a lot of things like volleyball soccer and I'm in yearbook and my favorite soccer team is Chivas, my favorite book is paper towns music would have to be Blackbear or mac miller I have a little brother named Alexis, I have a dog named rocky and Lucy. I have three favorite colors that are blue green and red. Those are a few things about me

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Not really because for one animals sre different and they act different so treating them the same would seem bad because your treating them like something they are not.
No we should not test on animals because I feel like that's a horrible thing to do. Maybe they shouldn't test things on something that is living I think that's unnecessary.
No testing on any type of animal is wrong and it shouldn't be done it's like saying you test on male vs on female we would think that's wrong so why do it on animals and type of animals for that matter.
Like I said that it's okay to test on living things because we can just repopulate so no I don't think it would be okay for that to happen even for a good cause